4-Person Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Backpack Kit 72 Hours

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 4-Person Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Backpack Kit 72 Hours


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  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 19 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 18 pounds

Ideal for Families, Businesses and Communities

The First My Family Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit is your first line of defense when disaster strikes. For the safety of your family, it is important to have an emergency preparedness plan in place that includes easy grab-and-go disaster supply kits. Housed within two premium backpacks for durability and convenience, First My Family four-person survival kits contain everything on your emergency essentials list.

First Aid – In an emergency situation, all to often we see minor injuries turning into major health concerns. To help prevent this, our 72-hour emergency kit comes equipped with a Lifeline 85-piece first-aid kit containing a first-aid guide, scissors, tweezers, alcohol pads, bandages and other handy items needed to keep your loved ones safe. The overall survival kit also contains emergency 12-hour glowsticks, work gloves, masks and a 5-1 whistle complete with a compass, flint, signal mirror and storage container.

Food and Water – An integral part of any survival preparation plan is access to food and clean drinking water. Our emergency kits come equipped with 72 hours worth of nut-free emergency food rations produced from non-GMO ingredients and 72 hours worth of Datrex emergency water supply. All of our food and water rations are certified by the US Coast Guard to stay fresh for more than five years.

Shelter and Warmth – When it comes to disaster preparedness, you need to plan for the unexpected, including the possibility that your family may be displaced. When you choose First My Family disaster preparedness kits, you are helping to ensure that your family will be protected from the elements. In each emergency kit you’ll find blankets, ponchos, multi-function outdoor camping tool, a flashlight and body warmers that have been designed to withstand the toughest conditions, providing your loved ones with comfort in an emergency situation.

Emergency Disaster Kit

We’ve Got You Covered

At family-owned and operated First My Family (FMF), we understand that your family is the most important thing in your world. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing reliable, high-quality disaster preparedness kits for when the unexpected happens. FMF delivers peace of mind as well as disaster preparedness supplies, so you can rest assured that you and your family will be ready in the event of an emergency.

Survival Kit, Emergency Kit

Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit With 72 Hours of Survival and First-Aid Supply

Nobody knows when disaster might strike, which is why in the case of an emergency it is so vital for you and your family to be prepared. Our emergency preparedness kits are ideal for any disaster, natural or otherwise, and come equipped with such essentials as water rations, food rations, first-aid supplies, blankets, a flashlight, a whistle, flint, a signal mirror, a storage container, a multi-function outdoor camping tool, body warmers and more. Each kit contains 72 hours worth of supplies in a variety of sizes designed for one, two or four people.

When a fire hits, time is of the essence. Our disaster preparedness kits will help you and your family to stay safe until help arrives.

Planning is important in the event of a flood. Providing 72 hours worth of supplies, our emergency kits can help you and your family stay safe and dry.

If you are left with no power and heat, our emergency supply kits can help you weather the toughest storms by providing all of the essentials you need.

Our survival kits let you quickly and conveniently access the emergency water, food and other supplies you’ll need in the aftermath of an earthquake.

Shelter Supplies

UniHeat Warmer

Food & Water

Our emergency supply kits come equipped with 72 hours worth of Datrex emergency water rations and 2400-calorie emergency food rations with a pleasant shortbread cookie taste.


When displaced by disaster, establishing shelter is vital. Our emergency supply kits contain Life Gear flashlights, ponchos, blankets and a multi-function outdoor camping tool to help you establish a safe shelter.


Our survival preparation kits come with body warmers and Mylar space blankets to help provide warmth and comfort for you and your family when you need it most.


Each of our survival kits comes with a Lifeline first-aid kit that includes necessities like bandages; alcohol pads and more. Other essential first-aid items found in the overall kit are: glowsticks, work gloves, masks and an emergency whistle.