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he purpose of a get home bag backpack is to get you home.This bag contains the essential items you will need to get home. This backpack bridges the preparedness between an everyday carry bag and a bug out bag so that you can ideally get home to your family, stockpile of supplies and tools that you should need. These backpacks are good to have stored at your workplace or in your vehicle if your workplace does not have a personal space to store it.

The majority of people are away from home, working, commuting, running errands, visiting friends, school, meetings, appointments and so on we find ourselves away from home more than at home. Your chance of being home when disaster strikes is probably 50-50, chances are pretty high that a disaster could happen while you are not home. If your normal commute is compromised the get home bag backpack is designed to get you home.

The backpack is made to travel for one day or less. Have a backpack that blends with the environment and has the features of a tactical backpack but does not look overly tactical. Avoid backpacks that are bright in color or designer or expensive or too large. Purses and duffel bags could work but ideally it is better to have your hands free making it easier for you to move quickly. The backpack needs to be large enough to carry what you need, but small enough to be light weight so you can move quickly without getting overly tired.

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